About us

Wavy Mandhana is carefully crafted and designed to provide a homely atmosphere. We provide our guest the feel of home with all the amenities and an relaxed environment. Dinning hall which A spacious & comfortable dining room designed with Television.

Wavy Mandhana has modern equipments and eco-friendly practices, have been enhanced with new ideas and bright insights. You can enjoy the luxury of feel at home with a conscience. Wavy Mandhana also has option for those who are used to luxuries, can opt for single room with attached bathroom.

Further, ensure that bus stops, colleges, theaters and other modes of transport are located nearby. Those who require accommodation on a limited budget, there are 19 rooms available on two sharing basis and 1 room available on 3 sharing basis. All rooms are attached with one dressing table, study table and bathrooms.

Come and experience the feel of home at our Wavy Mandhana.